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INSTRUCTIONS (ON HOW TO SURVIVE A FAIRY TALE) for voice, saxophone, horn, percussion, electric guitar, piano, accordion, violin, cello, bass

text: Neil Gaiman

duration: 11 minutes

Premiered on April 22nd, 2012 in Terre Haute, IN by Jennifer Lanman, voice – Paul Bro, Alto Saxophone – Nathan Rainey, Horn – Jimmy Finnie, Percussion – Anthony Lanman, Electric Guitar – Beverley Simms, Piano – Ted Piechocinski, Accordion – Sharilyn Spicknall, Violin – Kurt Fowler, Cello – Todd Gallagher, Bass

Instructions is a song, for voice and chamber ensemble on the poem of the same name by Neil Gaiman. The poem appeared in Gaiman’s book “Fragile Things”. The piece was written for my wife and dedicated to her and to all of my friends at Indiana State University (most of whom were involved in the premiere).

Hopefully I will have a recording and score sample up soon. I’m currently involved in securing further rights to the poem from Gaiman’s publisher.

Here is a studio recording of the piece WITHOUT the vocal:

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