Cerulean Soliloquy (fl., pno.)

///Cerulean Soliloquy (fl., pno.)
Cerulean Soliloquy (fl., pno.)2015-09-30T21:13:56+00:00

CERULEAN SOLILOQUY for flute and piano

duration: 2.5 minutes

commissioned by Micheala Martin-Almy and Jonathan Oddie

premiered by Micheala Martin-Almy and Jonathan Oddie in April, 2004 in Bloomington, Indiana

With Cerulean Soliloquy, I wanted to write a piece for flute and piano that wasn’t so…pretty.  Something inspired by my favorite baroque flute sonatas, but with an almost punk rock-like spirit – short, fast, furious and intense.

AUDIO: Cerulean Soliloquy, Micheala Martin-Almy, flute and Jonathan Oddie, piano

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