Viridian Soliloquy 1.0 (s. sax., harp)2015-09-30T21:15:24+00:00

VIRIDIAN SOLILOQUY for soprano saxophone and harp

duration: 5 min

Jointly commissioned by Pictures on Silence (Noah Getz, saxophone and Jacqueline Pollauf, harp) and the Symphony of a Million Project.

premiere – 10/27/2011, Baltimore, MA by Pictures on Silence 

The word Viridian is defined as a chrome green pigment that is a hydrated oxide of chromium.  Originally written for the sax/harp duo Pictures on Silence, Viridian Soliloquy is the third piece in my series of duets for one melodic instrument and one harmonic instrument.  Each soliloquy is titled after a color – the first being cerulean (for flute and piano) and the second being obsidian (for cimbalom and theorbo).  As a composer, I experience the phenomenon of synesthesia.  This is where I see colors associated with sounds and vice versa.  I was inspired to choose viridian for this piece because of the sometimes shiny green hue that reflects off of the body of the saxophone and the “green” timbre of the instrument.  The spirit of the piece is short, fast and furious and incorporates influences from rock, jazz, heavy metal and early music.

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