Sumi-e Dances

for classical guitar solo

duration: 8 Minutes

commissioned by Bret Hoag

premiered by Bret Hoag on April 5th, 2003 in Ford Hall in Bloomington, Indiana

The creation of Sumi-e Dances was inspired by the Japanese art of Sumi-e. In this fascinating discipline, the artist will put the brush onto paper and start painting. When the brush is lifted from the paper, the work is completed. It was this spirit of spontaneously capturing a moment in time – a flash of inspiration – that interested me and inspired my piece. Each of the five pieces were written in one sitting, from beginning to end, and were not changed or revised in any way.

The guitar also uses a special scor-da-tura tuning – C#, A, D, F#, B, E

in Five Movements:

I) Still Life
II) Maiden of Karu
III) Dapple-Gray Stallion
IV) If Even the Wind…
V) Katsu!

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