Bottles, Blends and Brews

bbbI discovered this video podcast through the Adagio TeaV podcast that is hosted by Zack Luye.  He started with this podcast, along with co-host Dana Schuermann basically reviewing all things drinkable.  This could be sodas, teas, smoothies, whatever.  Like the tea podcast, it’s really strangely entertaining, and I’m liking this podcast even better than the tea one.  Drinks have always kind of been my thing, so this is right up my alley.  Give it a try!

The Phileas Club

phileasThis podcast, hosted by French dude Patrick Beja, is like a political/news discussion round table podcast.. The thing I find really interesting about this podcast is, the participants are not only “regular” people (not people trying to make careers out of yelling at each other on cable news networks), and the table always consists of a wide range of people of different national, cultural and religious backgrounds.  So for instance, one show might be Patrick from France, someone from Saudi Arabia, another from Yemen, another from India, and another from Canada or something.  And all these people are there in their own countries – its not like they’re all in the US, but from these other places.  They are living in these places.  One of the really fascinating things they discuss is local news stories.  It’s amazing the things we never hear about, and also some thing they never hear about.  It very real insight and looks into other cultures and countries and it’s always REAL (I know I keep saying that) and fascinating.


covervilleHosted by Brian Ibbott, Coverville is basically a music podcast featuring nothing but covers.  It’s very entertaining and ranges from awesome and unique covers all the way to the strange and laughable.  Often he’ll do theme shows, like all Stevie Wonder, or all Radiohead covers, etc.  I’ve discovered several great tracks that I’ve since gone and bought – very cool show.