I am floored to say that I have surpassed 250,000 plays on Soundcloud. Thanks to everyone that has listened! It matters to me that people are listening and getting something out of what I’m doing. It’s what drives me to keep creating music despite the day-to-day challenges I might face.

I have to say thank you to Soundcloud as well. Many of the 430,000 followers I picked up were the result of them featuring me as a “Soundclouder of the Day”, exposing my music to a much wider audience than would have been possible otherwise.

Some interesting stats from Soundcloud:

My top listener is fleurdeviande at 372 listens
The top country for listens is the United States, but consistently the number two country is Egypt.
In fact, the number one CITY in listens is Cairo – so, thanks Egypt!
The top five cities are:

Cairo, Egypt
London, England
Jakarta, Indonesia
Seoul, Korea
Tokyo, Japan

To say thanks – if you were ever thinking of picking up a physical CD or LP – I am offering 25% off of all my music over at Just use the code ‘soundcloud’ when you check out! The offer will be good through April 30th, 2015.

Thanks again, and stay tuned!